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60-Second Demo Showreel: Commercial, Acting, Descriptive, French-Language

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Commercial: American, Regional, Midwestern

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Documentary / Descriptive Narration

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Character / Acting

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Rowan Hand has extensive experience in providing voiceover work for English-learning materials, internet videos, audiobooks, and narrative documentaries. With performance experience in acting, stand-up comedy, and terrestrial radio, Rowan's versatile ability with varied American speech and accents is the perfect "Yank sound" for your project.

As to Rowan, he’s a darling, if you allow me to say so and if I can dare take the liberty!

–Yves-Pol, Vocable

Add that North American touch to your voiceover project.

Rowan has wide experience with different American accents, including but not limited to: Flat Midwestern ("American RP"), Ivy League (posh American), Kansas (drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket), California/West Coast (Keanu), East Coast/Brooklyn (DeNiro), Southern (Jimmy Carter), Redneck (Deliverance).

Rowan Hand Voiceover Artist American UK


Studio Equipment

Rode NT2-A fed through a Presonus TubePre 2 into Akai EIE Pro soundcard. Edited in REAPER DAW. SE Reflexion Filter and Professionally constructed sound-deadening vocal booth.

Some of Rowan's Esteemed Clients

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American Voiceover Former Client: Vocable

Let Rowan Provide Your New Voice

The simple, professional solution to your Voice from Across the Pond. Contact Rowan today for all of your American voiceover needs.


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