London-based American Voice Artist and Voice Actor Rowan Hand

Rowan has provided VO work for commercials, startups, educational materials, radio, and more since 2006.

Rowan has wide experience with different American accents, including (but not limited to) Flat Midwestern (the “American RP”), Ivy League/Mid-Atlantic (Posh American), Kansas (the Drill Sergeant in Full Metal Jacket), California/West Coast (Keanu), East Coast/Brooklyn (DeNiro), Southern (Jimmy Carter), Redneck (Deliverance).

Check Rowan out as the voice of the rider in the new Orbea Oiz advert!

A trained actor, Rowan is also available for radio plays and animation.

Thumbs up! I really like your voice a lot and I think it fits the character well. –Leo, Voices4Studio

Rowan’s versatility with ages (teen, young adult, 30-50) plus standard and regional American accents is the perfect “Yank Sound” for your project.

“As to Rowan, he’s a darling, if you allow me to say so and I dare take the liberty.”

Yves-Pol, Vocable

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Rowan has extensive experience providing voiceover work for educational materials, English language-learning materials, internet videos, and audiobooks. A trained actor working with Method Acting London, Rowan also has experience in stand-up comedy and terrestrial radio. Rowan’s versatility with ages and American accents makes him the perfect choice for character work as well as giving corporate narration that elusive “emotional read.”

Rowan is represented by GoLocalise and Voquent in London and JBI Studios in Los Angeles.

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